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  • Storage Sidekick Self Storage Software 5.8.2

    Storage Sidekick Mini Storage Software's Most Valuable Features are listed here. If you're searching for a specific software function, or to see all
  • 3 Cases Study Through TCM Classic 1.0

    Video Course with synchronized Slides and TOC One of representative of case study lecture, it will bring you more significant clinical experience
  • Sherlock Holmes: Three Cases (Windows) 1.3

    ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO the first and greatest consulting detective of them all exercised his genius. Do you have an eye for details that everyone
  • Sherlock Holmes: Three Cases (Palm) 1.3

    ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO the first and greatest consulting detective of them all exercised his genius. Do you have an eye for details that everyone
  • Upper-Lower Cases Converter 6.5

    Convert any language's text from Upper to Lower Cases (or the opposite), with just a mouse click. Select the converted text and copy it to the
  • 2009 Golden Globes DVD Cases -

    This is 2009 Golden Globes Award Winners. All in DVD Case v2 style: happy go lucky in bruges slumdog Millionaire BatMan - the dark knight the
  • The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes 1.0

    Investigate hundreds of potentially relevant clues and lively characters in each mysterious story. Explore 40 historically accurate locations around
  • Sherlock Holmes: Three Cases (Pocket PC) 1.0

    ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO, in the time of top hats, London pea-souper fogs and seedy opium dens, the first and greatest consulting detective of them all
  • The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes 2 1.0

    Dust off your magnifying glass and use your astute observational skills to gather evidence in 60 brilliantly rendered locations, including Stonehenge,
  • The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes for Mac 1.0

    The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes is a lavish mystery adventure game, featuring 16 unique cases of forgery, espionage, theft, murder and more!
  • Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery

    FBI Agent Claire Ellery has a knack for getting assigned strange cases. The latest—a triple kidnapping in a small, unknown town. But what
  • Jet Storage UDF 1.5.8

    Need a mobile hard drive for the price of a re-writable CD/DVD disk? This is it! This small program installs a driver that enables you to access
  • WMS Log Storage 5.7

    WMS Log Storage is a feature rich Windows Media Services or Adobe Flash Media Server log file analyzer. The program generates HTML-based reports with
  • VMN Storage 3.72.0

    VMN Storage offers 1 GB Free Online Storage With VMN Storage, you can store all your digital assets on a secure, private, remote space and enjoy
  • Eee Storage

    Eee Storage is used for data consistency and availability because it prevents data from losing and damaging. You can use its provided methods for
  • Self-Storage Pro 3.20

    Self-Storage Pro is an advanced self-storage tool. The advanced features include automatic bill generation on paper and/or e-mail. The program
  • CD Storage 1.0.9

    Store file system of CD into database Explore CD at any moment without CD itself Locate wanted CD quickly Search wanted file and corresponding CD
  • OLE-Storage 0.386

    OLE-Storage module gives access to the raw data streams of documents, that are done by e.g. Microsoft Word or Star Word. Further more,
  • Password Storage 1.9

    The Password Storage is easy-to-use software which can keep your passwords and other information. Just try this software and you'll probably see that
  • Stealth Storage 1.2.2

    you can encrypt your files by using Stealth Storage tool. It encrypts files on-the-fly by using well-known strong ciphers i.e. BLOWFISH, RIJNDAEL etc.
  • Secure Storage Pro 1.4

    Want to be absolutely sure your data is always protected? Want to have your files encrypted but don't want to hinder access to them? Get Secure
  • Distributed Storage Final

    A primary role of Distributed Storage software is p2p synchronization and sharing files and directories locally and between many remote computers
  • Invisible Storage 2.0.8

    Invisible Storage is a security tool that lets you hide files and folders. Simple interface and simple to use. Program does not modify registry and
  • Online Storage 1.0

    Secure online storage and collaboration. Use CryptoHeaven online storage to distribute large files, collaborate on projects, and securely access
  • Storage Profiler 4.11.1

    Until now, you've had limited options for storage performance management. You could cobble together vendor-specific monitoring consoles and forget
  • Storage Room 1.107

    Storage Room a Personal Information and Password Manager to protect the privacy while editing and viewing, even if the workstation is already
  • PA Storage Monitor Pro

    The key features of handy software application PA Storage Monitor is as follow: it makes managing disk storage on a local server or on the
  • Proxy Log Storage 2.61

    The Proxy Log Explorer is application for monitoring usage of Proxy server. Proxy Log Explorer is the fastest and most powerful analysis
  • Secured Storage 1.3

    * No limit to number of passwords or confidential contents that can be saved. * No limit to number of files can be created. * Files saved can be
  • MySafePass Storage 3.0.2

    MySafePass is a very intuitive and easy to use program that helps you organize all of your passwords, IDs and other information, which is difficult to
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  • Test Case Manager (TCM) 2.11

    The handy software program for software test engineers is Test Case Manager that helps them in organizing test cases for storage and execution logging. It has user friendly interface that is very easy to use for
  • Cloud Drive Storage Service

    The cloud drive storage service is a cloud storage gateway running on your local PC or server. The service exposes cloud storage as a high performance iSCSI device allowing you to access cloud storage just like a hard
  • Cloud Drive Storage Service x64

    The cloud drive storage service is a cloud storage gateway running on your local PC or server. The service exposes cloud storage as a high performance iSCSI device allowing you to access cloud storage just like a hard
  • Test Case Manager 2.11 Bld 2

    Test Case Manager or TCM is an excellent program aimed at software test engineers to easily organize execution and storage logging test cases. The program writes the test cases using the standard format and saves them.
  • Memorex ExPressit Label Design Studio

    The Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio will allow you to design and personalize labels for discs, storage cases and iPod. The software will help you to create these with a professional look and you're only
  • Cloud Storage Studio

    Cloud storage Studio is a tool dedicated to Windows Azure storage. The program provides broad coverage of the Windows Azure storage Services API, supporting a wide range of common storage related tasks. You can add
  • Pro-Test 1.0

    Reduce your software and system testing time by using High Throughput Testing (HTT). Pro-Test can generate the test cases that provide all pairwise combinations. Pro-Test Features Software and system testing
  • TestingPal 1.0

    TestingPal is a software tool that assists you defining test cases for software testing as well as logging the test results. It also generates test plan, test log, failed cases and passed test cases
  • de_outrage 1.0

    Counter-Terrorists Prevent Terrorists from bombing the metal suit cases.Team members must defuse any bombs that threaten the cases. Terrorists The Terrorist have to destroy the metal suit
  • Cute HelpDesk 1.2

    Cute HELPDESK 1.2 - R4 is now available.Cute HelpDesk 1.2 is an Interactive Helpdesk Management program. Main features. Client/Server Application. cases are based on SLA's (Service Level Agreements) and Priority levels
  • uHub 2.0.5

    uHub storage is a revolutionary cloud-based digital content storage service from PCCW. Instead of storing information on your computer's hard drive, you can now save data in our uHub storage external cloud storage
  • openADAMS Editor 0.2.1

    Goal of this project is to provide a set of tools to manage some of the artifacts appearing in the software development process. Till now the term artifacts basically stands for features, requirements, use cases,
  • RequisitePro Adapter 2.2.0

    Synchronizes requirements and use-cases in RequisitePro with requirements and test cases in SpiraPlan. The software is free to download and use and it requires an username and password for the synchronization to take
  • GMX File Storage Manager 2.0.615

    The GMX File storage Manager allows your PC and your GMX File storage to exchange data via the Internet. Once you??ve downloaded and installed the software on your computer, a virtual drive is created on your computer
  • VMN Storage 3.72.0

    VMN storage offers 1 GB Free Online storage With VMN storage, you can store all your digital assets on a secure, private, remote space and enjoy true protection against data loss. Ensure that valuable digital files -
  • TskKill

    TskKill - utility for termination of a non-responding active process. It is invoked by a HotKey. In certain cases it is more efficient than Task Manager because it does not need to display a confirmation dialog (which
  • AddressLookUp

    Resolves DNS to IP and vice versa. AddressLookUp can be used for retrieving IP address of remote webservers like yahoo and rediff. In some cases, we face problems like DNS is pinging and IP is not pinging or you want to
  • USBFIllSpace 1.0

    Often when we visit friends and want to show them the pictures we've taken of girls seen on the beach we think: my flash memory could be infected with a virus; how can I prevent that? It's always good to prevent, even if
  • Legal Suite-Case Management Software 2012

    You can accomplish following objectives by using handy software Legal Suite-Case Management: you can easily manage all cases as it supports handling an unlimited number of cases; you can easily identify noteworthy items
  • Self-Storage Pro 3.20

    Self-storage Pro is an advanced self-storage tool. The advanced features include automatic bill generation on paper and/or e-mail. The program includes a custom form editor that allows you to completely customize each
  • AW Sequoia 1.0

    AW Sequoia is an expansion card browser, launcher and Viewer for Palm OS handhelds. Through a single glance you'll be able to know why you have no more storage on your external card, what files occupy the most of the
  • Advoffice 1.9

    Advoffice is designed to organize the Corporate Head Office & its Branches, Office of Advocates, Courts or Legal Bodies of Government Institute in an efficient manner. It helps a lot to the Legal Officers or Practicing
  • ICP Storage Manager 5.30.00

    ICP storage Manager is a software application that helps you build a storage space using ICP RAID controllers, disk drives, and enclosures (JBODs). With ICP storage Manager, you can group disk drives into logical devices
  • Cloud Crawler 1.0

    Cloud Crawler is a a light weight explorer which help in managing files and contents on Cloud storage. Feature Highlights Connect to any number of Blob storage Accounts Create containers on Blob storage
  • Mobius Forensic Toolkit 0.5

    Mobius Forensic Toolkit is an open-source forensic framework written in Python/GTK that manages cases and case items, providing an abstract interface for developing extensions. cases and item categories are defined
  • Investigator Report-Detective Case Management Software 2009

    The detective case management functionality is provided by Investigator Report. It has ability to handle an unlimited number of cases as well as it uses single storage area for providing case management, billing, date
  • ASRock 3TB+ Unlocker 1.0

    ASRock???s new 3TB Unlocker utility is a shot in the arm for HDDs, delivering state of art storage technology with user-friendly software. It is dedicated to provide the most optimized storage space. Not only smashing
  • Boston Car Accident Attorney 1.0

    Boston Car Accident Attorney taking the time to get to know clients, listening to their concerns, working with them to formulate a working plan of action and to ultimately reach a resolution that helps them to move on
  • Web-based CSM Software 1.0

    This is a Access 2010 web-based Customer Service Management Software. It designs for customer service work order management. If your business involves installation, maintenance and service of Equipment this database
  • Use Case Maker

    Use Case Maker is a very helpful and handy utility that enables you to classify UML actors and use cases, creating an array of reports in HTML, PDF, RTF or XML 1.1 formats. HTML format saves styles into CSS enabling you